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You should try mie Hing Hua at Sunter


Disclaimer: This is my review of the food served during my visit. Keep in mind that taste may change over time, depending on the restaurant’s consistency. Just keep munching~


One of the many old school establishments is Laris Manis, a small hideaway that’s been around for at least 8 years now. Its favorite menu item, mie Hing Hua, is a classic noodle dish prepared in the smooth, light, yet tasty way that the Hing Hua people enjoy it.

Faddish eateries come and go, but the mainstay of the local F&B industry are those long-established restaurants that still brought in the big crowds today.

My dad is a Hing Hua, so I think he’s passed down the tastebuds. If you’ve already followed the food reviews I tend to do on the blog, you’ll know that I tend to lean toward foods that are milder, yet still flavorful and well-balanced. I want the best of all worlds into one bowl, but nothing too crazy. From my experience, most would deem my preferences tasteless, since I noticed that the average Indonesian tongue prefers extremities, such as a super salty chicken and an ultra spicy fish. But this noodle soup was perfect, at least, for me.

You basically have 2 sizes (large and regular) as well as 3 kinds of noodles to choose from: Mie (traditional udon-like Hing Hua prosperity noodles), Misua (Fujian-originated thin noodles), and Kwetiau (classic wide, flat Chinese noodles). This is the traditional mie Hing Hua:



As you can see, there are a lot of side ingredients to complement the dish, everything from chicken bits, shrimp, mushrooms, tofu, meatballs, sliced omelets, cilantro, mustard greens, and peanuts. I love just how rich the variety of ingredients are and how they taste great together, as I’m pretty sure there is little to no flavor enhancers involved. I’m pretty sensitive to MSG and how it makes you super dizzy and thirsty after your meal, so you can rest assured that this is your go-to meal if you’re looking for something delicious without hurting yourself with the harmful additives.

As it turns out, I enjoyed the yummy broth better with misua. I figured the lithe noodles are more absorbent than the suppler ones, just because there’s less surface area. The misua was unlike the ones my mother usually prepares at home – it’s slightly thicker and slimier, which tasted awesome if you added your mouthfuls with the different textures this bowl provides. I love munching on the spongy mushrooms with the crunch of the peanuts while slurping my misua. So you see, you really get the best of all worlds in one bowl.



After we’re done with our noodles, we had a cup of their homemade ice cream for dessert. They have so many flavors to choose from, and it’s a relief to find that they offer delivery service if you live around the ‘hood. In the end we went for the chocolate chip ice cream. I like that it wasn’t too sweet, was generous of chocolate chips per scoop, and even included tiny slices of nuts in them. It was gratifying.


Have a change of scenery once in a while; get away from the crowded foodie hot spots and see what’s out there beyond the buzz. For one, you can try out this toothsome Hing Hua noodles and see how you like it. You’ll love the price tag too.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 4.47.10 PMLaris Manis: Mie hing hwa, homemade ice cream
Sunter Agung
Jl. Danau Sunter Utara Blok B 1B No. 8
Jakarta Utara 14350
(021) 650 8836, 650 8868


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