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World of our own


This is what I’ve been working on for the past month. It’s supposed to be a surprise for my boyfriend, but I already told him about it and even showed him all the progresses I’ve made throughout the month.

Plus, I’m not good at keeping secrets.


Happy first anniversary, honey


Except for things like… Uhm, what all these things mean here… And that’s only for me and him to know :)

Well, I can share a bit. The singing T-Rex at the background was what brought us together. We first met at T-Rex Family Karaoke. All the foods in the drawing are our favorite foods. He also sent me 9 bouquets of flowers for each month we’ve been together, until I stopped him. One of those bouquets has “failure” daisies that grew to become the most beautiful kind of daisies I’ve ever seen – white petals and pink center.

And then we also share a baby Stitch plushie, who’s so cute I gotta hug it all night. It’s holding a BlackBerry because all Indonesians use BlackBerry.

One of my cars at home is a black Toyota Fortuner, which also happened to be identical with his car.

And there are waaay more stories in this picture than I can ever share.


Now I would like you to count the number of:

– Strawberry trees
– Species of animals
– Lollipops
– Daisies
– Rabbits
– Pigs 


Post your answers on the comments below and let me know whether you got it all right or not!













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3 thoughts on “World of our own

  1. Wow! That’s adorable.

    1. Thanks MIri :)

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