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Photos: Wildlife within reach


This post is a photo collection from my visit to Taman Safari in Bogor, Indonesia.

It wasn’t that long ago since I last visited a zoo (San Diego Zoo). I might be a bit biased, but my Taman Safari experience had been much more memorable than what I had in San Diego. Yes, I’m biased that this is my country, but it’s way beyond that. Fact is, cars are allowed encouraged to enter the territory, so visitors are able to get intimate with the animals while staying within the safety of their personal vehicles.

Taman Safari may have less variety of animal species to look out for, but they provide a 100% natural environment for the animals to reside, with a bit of artificial props here and there for them to play. I’ve seen close to none that are caged or locked in solitary confinements (except for dangerous ones, of course, namely the big cats).

When a whole zoo is situated on a mountain, naturally its premises are a treasure-trove of faunas, consciously preserved, to let the animals behave the way Mother Nature intended them to. All the animals look happy and healthy.

I’ve been to about three zoos in the States – San Diego, San Francisco, and New York (Central Park). Most, if not all, only offer artificial settings for their animals. At Taman Safari, every flora and fauna I lay my eyes on are practically virgins. Even the soil they grow on, the same grounds we walk on, aren’t man-made. They’re all part of a larger bedrock that is Mount Arjuno, the base of these natural habitats. Dunes and valleys of the stratovolcano also provide a magnificent background of volcanic complex that can be seen stretching throughout the zoo perimeter, erecting almost as high as 20,000 feet.

I came here by chance on 19 August 2012, a date to celebrate our 14 months together as a couple with my boyfriend. It was extremely fun and we had a great time – you can actually tell just by looking at the pictures after I’m done babbling here.

This will be my first official photography post where I embed words to my pictures and, in this case, fun captions, just to make the storytelling funnier than the usual wordless slideshows :) I hope you’ll enjoy the ride as much as I did!


Dat ass…
… I got it from my momma!

And this is how you take the straw with your nose, m’dear…

I’ll go get some more!
Ah, none left…
Ah, well… Time to have a family feast!

Nom nom nom.



Looking at you looking at me

Feed me.
Feed me too.

Watcha lookin’ at?

Got food? No?



Danger Zone

That looks delicious.
Nom nom nom.

One move you make and you’re my lunch.
Do you see me?
All eyes on me in the center of the ring just like a circus.
I’m behind glass walls. Urgh.
I’m pretending to be asleep…
…so you don’t take pictures of me.
Ow stop it, you.
I, however, am really asleep.
I’m ready to pounce on you anytime now.
Car window’s closed.
Next target: You.
And you better don’t open that window of yours.
I wanna be a statue.

I’m scared of them all >_<

I’d rather eat.


Gimme More

Oh, so you got food.
No, I won’t let you go until you gimme more food.
More food…



Rise of the Planet of the Apes

… aaand we’re back to hippos again.


Baby hippos and more babies

Say it. Say I’m the cutest otter in the world.

You. Yes you. Pet me.


The Posers


Sexy. I know it.


Taman Safari

Bogor, Indonesia
Summer 2012
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2 thoughts on “Photos: Wildlife within reach

  1. AWWWW i loved the high quality images from the zoo & your captions! ;D i HAVE to visit Indonesia !! I originally stumbled on your blog bc of the gnu nourish hair review bc I just purchased some & started peeking around ;D

    1. hahaha I’m glad you enjoy them :) You have to! You get to interact with them directly as they’re not encaged unlike in many other zoos :) By the by, how’s the GNC supplement working for you? Months already and I’m still taking it!

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