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Sex and the City: Which girl is the happiest?



Recently, I had an interesting discussion with a friend about the character we liked most on SATC and who ended up the happiest. This is a guy friend who suggested my boyfriend to watch the hit series: “If you want to understand women, go watch Sex And The City.”

I confess: I haven’t watched one episode … until recently.

I know, I’m sooo late. I’m probably the only girl in the world who has abso-f*ckin’-lutely no idea about what the girls were referring to when they said “coloring”, but now I know. Instead of spending a productive 2-week period post-Christmas to finish all the unpublished drafts of the blog, I spent most of it marathoning all 6 seasons of Sex And The City, plus the 2 movies. It’s so addictive.

My boyfriend was only interested in the very last episode of the entire series. He’s caught a few episodes here and there over the years on HBO, so he’s only interested in the ending – not in women. “You’re woman,” he’d say, “not women.”

Anyways, back to the discussion. Who do I like most slash can relate with the most? My immediate thought was Carrie, just because we hear her voice most, and I feel a lot of the same things she felt. On second thought, there are many things she did that came to mind that I’ll never do (we’ll talk about one particular event in a minute). So it’s a tie between Miranda and Charlotte. Miranda on my need to organize my time and energy efficiently, and Charlotte’s idealistic view on love. But really, I suspect Candace Bushnell created 4 separate entities of the every woman. I’m sure all you ladies can relate with all 4 characters on many levels, and I think that’s what made the series wildly successful. Not only that, but it’s one of the first on-screen portrayals of powerful women.

So what makes Carrie so confusing to the male species, that she’s the Katie Girl and not the simple girl? Well, for one, she’s a writer. All writers are complicated. All writers will never be tamed, and writers refuse to be tamed. But that’s exactly what kept Big coming back into her life: She’s captivating. So captivating that sometimes, her logic just completely shuts down.

Remember that time when she agreed to have Big coming over to Aidan’s country house? Batman versus Green Lantern? That was so wrong. Most of us in our right mind would never have let our haunting past mix with our happy present. Think about it: Would you invite your ex to hang out with you and your boyfriend on the weekend? Just the 3 of you? She let Batman in to Green Lantern’s sacred chamber, the space he built to house everything closest to his heart. So it wasn’t surprising that the fuel to the fire quickly burned, when she could’ve prevented it altogether. Even though everything turned out well in the end, what if both men never made it to good terms?

Then again, she’s a Katie Girl. Katie Girls are a confusing bunch of adventurers, inquisitors, and risk-takers. That’s what makes them interesting, and that’s what makes them happy (ergo their men happy) – although not every Katie Girl would deal with risky businesses when it comes to romance.



Just when I thought she’s happy and settled with Big, she played with fire again with Aidan in the second movie, and at that point, I found Carrie annoying. But she did ended up happy. You’d think Charlotte no longer has worries now that she has 2 kids and a perfect-for-her husband, or that Miranda’s relieved her home life didn’t affect her career success, or that Samantha was the most fortunate gal in the world to have survived cancer. But no, not when Carrie’s the blessed one here – no fixed schedules, no extra responsibilities, just a bunch of best-selling books about love and The One All Along. After so many guys Carrie’s dated throughout the show, the only thing that’s consistent was her subconscious telling her Big was the standard – how does Aidan, Berger, and Petrovsky compare to Big?

Consider yourself blessed if you’ve found that one guy with whom you always compare with every other guy in the back of your mind. I used to date and date and keep dating different men with a fictional, almost-impossible standard in mind. That has only led me to meeting a bunch of guys that are too good for me. Now I ended up with an equal with qualities I can admire and whose ideals I continuously want to impress. I thought a lot about the “what ifs” concerning my past dates, and all I could feel was how imperfect I am when I’m with these guys (their wits, their intelligence, their ideals … it’s like Eric Winter’s character in The Ugly Truth).

On a lighter note, I took this test. Turns out I’m more Charlotte than Miranda. And fun fact: Kristin Davis was born on 24 February, as Steve Jobs and I were. But at the end of our discussion, I asked myself: Am I a Katie Girl? My boyfriend smirked: “Abso-f*ckin’-lutely.”

Screen shot 2015-01-13 at 4.35.41 AM

Who do you feel is the happiest by the end of Sex And The City 2?



P.S. Here’s why Sex and the City would never work in real life.



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