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What better way to get through rainy days than a cup of joy?


Jakarta’s weather has been sulky so far. For those who are feeling  just as dispirited, I recommend letting TWG‘s Love Me Tea do the work to restore your spark.

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What’s brewing today
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The fine blend owes its romantic moniker to the strong, sensitizing fragrances they’ve rendered to the green tea. Given the sterling quality of the tea leaves, a sip of the N6051 Love Me Tea packs an elegant balance between the age-old verve we all recognize in traditional green teas and the contemporary zest you wouldn’t expect coming. Gilded with a refreshing bouquet of lime blossoms and verbena, a sniff of this delicate blend was enough to convince me that this is the tea1 that would lift me up the most amidst the lackluster air.


Growing up, my brothers and I have loved the taste of a good tea since day one we’re introduced to the brew. A warm cup of sweetened black tea was our standard drink during breakfast, and every time mom comes back home with Pokka’s chilled liter of Oolong Tea, we’d fight for the longest gulp.

Now that we’re older, even when the three of us are geographically anything else but together, we still enjoy a good brew almost on a daily basis. I, particularly, can’t live a day without one cup, so I’m glad that the tea culture is spreading faster than ever and there’s a growing appreciation of it, now that everything’s globalized. There’s a big reason why it’s always been the most popular beverage in the world after water: Teas are practically medicine. Whatever ails you, tea is the answer.

I know I’ll probably have to spend the rest of my life to try every single blend of 800+ on the TWG Tea Menu, and it’s close to impossible to complete the list because they keep coming up with new ones (like the recent decaf Midnight Hour), but heck, I want to, from the very first moment I sip my cup of Longevity Tea (the blend that made up the base notes of their last mooncake collection). These are the TWG teas I’ve collected so far:


☑ N4003 Jasmine Pearls Tea

☑ N6003 Comptoir des Indes Tea

☑ N6051 Love Me Tea

☑ N6172 White Happy Tea


On a side note, I also keep digital list to help me check off the teas I’ve tasted so far. Everything from taking inventory, browsing the teas, getting more info on each of them and keeping up with TWG’s latest flavors is just easier on the newly released mobile app.

Check out the TWG Tea mobile app on iTunes and Google Play!


As of today, TWG Tea Boutiques can only be found in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand, UAE, UK, USA, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia. But if you’re out of these countries, here’s the great news: Now you can have instant access to TWG’s teas :)
Basically all you have to do is pick your tea, choose the amount of it you want (starting from 50g), add it to your shopping cart, and they’ll deliver the nirvana to your home address in no time. They’re currently delivering to 60+ countries in the world, so download the app and check to see whether your country’s available for shipping.




Here’s to the cup of joy!

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  1. I keep a boatload of tea varieties to go with every mood. []
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