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Valentine’s Day 2014


They say thanksgivings is a must in living a happy life, so this me counting my blessings.


I’m blessed to receive the numerous blooming bouquets from 10, and I’m starting to lose track.

These beautiful white roses and my paper toy piggies made up our Valentine’s Day in 2013. This year, it’s 10 stalks of crimson roses from my perfect 10, along with 14 date ideas wrapped in handmade fortune cookies :)







I couldn’t think of anything he wouldn’t expect, and I was determined to stray from the conventional V-day card. So after a couple of hours Googling the net for romantic ideas and DIY paper crafts, I decided to go for this fortune cookie date nights idea, since this year’s February 14 falls in conjunction with the last days of the Chinese new year.



I’m giving all the credits to Homemade Gifts Made Easy, despite the fact that I jazzed my own up instead of printing the original version. I had thrown in 14 personalized date ideas with 10, each wrapped in 14 fortune cookies. It’s pretty straightforward and you can create your own in no time, but I’m keeping the date ideas between 10 and I ;)



* * * * * * * * * *

Also, it’s been a long while since we’ve dined at a fancy place. We’ve been so comfortable with each other that anything goes for a dine-out, especially since our tastebuds are that of an elderly (porridge and tea, anyone?).

Unbeknownst to me, he arranged a special dinner at Italian restaurant il Mare, where we had one of our earliest dates at and instantly loved.

Unfortunately, the night’s air was quite rowdy.

The place was fully occupied. Waiters haste around to serve the next course in line, while diners had to amp up their volumes to hear anything remotely audible across the candle-lit tables.

As it turns out, all of Hotel Mulia’s restaurants, including il Mare, were celebrating the special day with pre-set menus for their lovely patrons. il Mare has nailed it with an exclusive 6-course dinner set menu that pairs with two glasses of sweet, rosy sparkling wines to stir up our guts.


In addition to that, every girl in the room received a stem of red rose, as well as a pair of miniature chocolates, courtesy of the restaurant.


If I have to condense what the dinner tasted like into one word … it’s intoxicating.

It was the best. The meals felt like a slow, progressive foreplay as the night went by, as if they’re meant to max out your fancy.


I mean, the bread bowl was sumptuous to begin with, all crisp and cheesy and crusty, and so I started to snap everything else in flash.


Orange-marinated shrimps, brunoise, sea urchin

Gosh, seafood has never been this refreshing. The last time I had a juicy bite of sea urchin, I was stoked. This time I’m completely stirred, what with the cool cucumbers, the black truffle and all the citrus freshness.

Yellowtail carpaccio, angel hair, papaya, bottarga

Fish and fish roes are my best friends – especially when they’re this raw. This is one of the best carpaccio dishes I’ve ever tasted. I bet no one would’ve thought papaya could go along great with the classic angel hair and truffle combo.

Slow-cooked egg, truffle and potatoes, almonds truffle

Ah, is there anything better than eggs? Not with the sweetness of almonds titillating me alongside of it.

Montasio cheese and walnut tortilla, spinach truffle

I died by this dish. You know how I feel about cheese. And spinach. And pasta and truffle. The doughy cheesy bitterness was sensational.

Combination of Hirame fish with dried vegetables and veal tenderloin with whole wheat polenta

As for this combo of fish and tenderloin, I kind of wish it was some other squishier types of fish, like a Dory or sea bass, instead of a flounder. But other than that it was pretty good. I also love the mushy polenta, and the veal was oozing sweet, sweet juices at every cut.

DSC01771 DSC01766

Baba’, ricotta and orange blossom ricotta ice cream

Last but not least, I climaxed at the rum-soaked baba, a beloved French dessert. Rum is awesome enough, but the dough was also stuffed with orange zest and essences at its core.

I scarfed it all down pretty quickly, so I don’t have a picture of the inside. The dough was also baked to a perfect texture that’s chewier the average bread, but slightly harder than that of a cake. It was exceptionally sweet, but not in the sugary way.

And again, you know how I feel about cheese. Usually I hold my tongue back whenever I come across desserts that taste basically like nothing but an amass of sugars. But throw in some soft ricotta morsels and drizzles of orange water, and you won’t need so much fructose to spice up an ice cream. Enriched with subtle hints of citrus and a berry-bittersweet romance, it was the perfect bouquet to end our night.




Our toast for the night? May our bellies be happy always, and may St. Valentine continue to bless us today, tomorrow, and forevermore.

Much thanks to il Mare for the incredible dinner :)


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