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Update #2: NISIM F.A.S.T. shampoo and conditioner

Please refer to this post, exactly 2 weeks ago, on 2 weeks after using NISIM F.A.S.T. shampoo and conditioner.

Today is exactly 4 weeks after I started using the products.

Compare my photo from the straight-on picture with this morning’s picture, same angle with the same condition – just woke up and all messy.



Note: I cut my bangs (but I don’t think it’s obvious enough from these pictures, huh?). I cut them just until the corner of my eye. But other than my bangs, I did not cut or trim the ends of my hair.

This is a picture with my measurement:





The last time, the longest strands of my hair is a little bit more than 9 inches. Now, as you can see, is almost 10 inches already!!!

Thanks to NISIM F.A.S.T. shampoo and conditioner, GNC supplements, and the many beans I’ve included recently in my diet…  :) Beans are packed with protein and fiber, and very little fat. Although… beware with beans if you don’t like the gassy feeling in your stomach!!

I will be doing my last review update for NISIM F.A.S.T. shampoo and conditioner in another 2 weeks, which will fall on 2 August 2012. I also expected for my hair to grow to a little bit more than 9.5 inches on 5 August 2012, which is exactly one month after my last update on 5 July 2012. Yet right now it looks like it’s crossed that 9.5-inch line…

Again and again, I think sleep counts. Even napping – just to reduce stress hormones. A little exercise also helps reducing anxiety levels, allowing the roots of your scalp to grow as normal. My homemade leave-in conditioner, which has lavender oil in it, really calms me down after I wash my hair. At night, whenever I have troubles sleeping (because my apartment has a lot of noise -_-“), I rub lavender oil on my temples until I drift off to sleep.

Hope this review helps :)











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