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The first crush (or second) (maybe third)

I can’t exactly remember which guy was the first out of the many crushes I’ve had (tee-hee), but let me share with you my adventure about how I came to like and unlike this one guy when I was about eleven or twelve.

Let’s call him Bill. I like Bill a lot because he’s so cool. And so tall. To many he’s not the most good-looking guy in school, but to me he’s so damn tall.

Bill plays soccer all the time. Before school, during breaks, after school. He’s actually smart but he’s always sleeping in class. I can’t recall how Bill got my number, but he texted me. Every text message I received from him, I’d save in my inbox. Every time something happened in class between us, I’d write it down in my diary. Heck, his name filled pages of my diary at least a million times.

I write in my diary of many things – horoscopes, personality tests, fun quizzes, and other miscellaneous stuff. I also established a certain exclusivity to my diary – only a number of people were allowed to read it.

One day, a friend wanted to read about an interesting information I mentioned about her sign, so I brought the diary to school. One thing led to another, and Bill got to read my diary.

After school, he texted me with sweeter words that made my cheeks flush like a lobster all night.

But in reality, he’s just another jerk who’s hit puberty earlier than most boys – that is, he was just a boy.

He had crushes with other girls. The kids at our school even ranked boys and girls into lists of “the most handsome” and “the prettiest.” Of course he chose other girls because I ranked only at number 4.

Later on, I found out from a friend that Bill dropped my name to a conversation he had with a friend outside our school: “You know Stacia?”

“Yes,” the friend replied.

“She likes me, man, like … a lot,” he laughed.

And that’s the end of my crush for Bill. He was just a little boy who loves to play.

Since then I’ve met more Bills than I can count. Some crushes last longer than others. One or two Bills will crush you for years, other Bills will turn to prince charming for one moment and back to Bill the next second.

I don’t really like these kind of boys. They’ve made many girls I know stop believing in true love. Their ego is bigger than their penises and their brains combined.

However, it’s precisely because of your first Bill that you can finally land on a date with your current boyfriend, someone who you did’t notice at first because you’ve gotten so busy at trying to be pretty enough, skinny enough, perfect enough for the mythical prince charming who everybody says comes to you with a white horse.

Sometimes it can just be a black horse. Or a white mouse. Or a really cute pig.


Over time, the men you meet and interact with will eventually lead you to the one who thinks you are perfect just the way you are.

So girls – guard your heart. Don’t let little Billy crush your whole life. It may take a while to suck it up, but somewhere, somehow, your prince charming is going to rank you the first and make your cheeks flush not just for one night, but forever.

Men and boys, have you heard the answers from other women?


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