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Teas to taste from Singapore


Guess what? I was just back from a 5-day 4-night trip to Singapore this morning, and there’s plenty to share ;) I know what you’re thinking. The stuff I posted a couple of days ago were all scheduled to publish by automation while I was away. I did it all before I left on August 12. Yeap, that’s how convenient modern blogging has become today.


Better to be deprived of food for three days than of tea for one. – Ancient Chinese proverb


Read me long enough and you might have reckoned that I’m a tea aficionado. I consider Camellia sinensis as my daily drug (as well as various other herbs too). So I brought home these fragrant additions, which are offered in Singapore, to my already-hefty tea collection.

While browsing through ION Orchard’s Food Opera for lunch, we stopped by an ornate tea pavilion. Beautiful tea sets and other traditional antiques were on display all over the modest shop, so it’s very easy to spot Wang San Yan from afar.


Still in celebration of the Hungry Ghost Festival and holding the fast-approaching Mid-Autumn Festival in mind, Wang San Yang was having an awesome promotion that I just couldn’t ignore: Five blends for SGD 5.50 only!! There were countless medleys of tea leaves and herbs clustered on the storefront, each packaged to treat specific ailments. It took some time for me to choose my top five blends that I didn’t notice my 10 was taking a picture of me.


DSC00754Clearly, I dig the flowery stuff, not that they’re too pretty to ignore or anything. It’s just that according to Pixiekrane‘s Alexa, rosebuds tea is beneficial for overall women’s health, and apparently there have been claims made that the rosy therapy boosts fertility. The vitamin C-packed rose petals also work to ease that bloated feeling in the stomach and help improve skin complexion, and I like to be able to enjoy all that in just one cup :) But really, I just like the smell of fresh roses.

Same goes with the bright and beautiful marigold leaves, which is called Calendula by another name. Fresh from the Mediterranean shores, it is often said that the plant has vast estrogenic properties that can help promote healthy menstrual cycle in women. Antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties are also found in marigold to treat mild sore throats, speed wound healing, as well as soothing ulcers of all kinds. I think my subconscious worked well in picking the right stuff for treating irregular periods.

As if I haven’t had enough tea already, I went on to have another tea-enriched supper at the Takashimaya branch of TWG Tea Boutique, which I’ll elaborate more in another post, as well as getting two USDA-certified organic, X.O. (Extra Old) tea varieties by the Hong Kong-based manufacturer, Eat Drink Tea. They’re having an exhibit at Takashimaya’s bustling ground floor at the moment. You can spot them easily because they’re the sole tea vendor nested amongst the endless mooncake caterers fiercely vying for sale.

And so I picked tea over those delicate snow-skin mooncakes. I just thought I can get those that are just as delicious in Jakarta as well, plus they’ll be taking up my carry-on space anyway (I was traveling very lightly without a check-in baggage, thank you very much). What’s special about the green and red teas from Eat Drink Tea is that they’re 100% pure and extracted from over two centuries-old tea leaves – so you can imagine the sheer concentrate of polyphenols you’ll get on each cup compared to the usual cup.

When I tasted the brewing red tea on the stall, I instantly fell in love with the plum-like aftertaste. There’s a rusty and earthy quality to it, but sweet as well, and I knew I had to grab one of those home. Besides, the semi-fermented gem is quite rare in Jakarta.

X.O. Red Tea Essence is available in a small box of 30 sachets


As I’m writing right now, I’m enjoying my second up of the ultra-soothing jasmine pearls (N4003) from TWG, which has been perfect for a late evening lift, while the herbal blends I got from Wang San Yang are waiting to be brewed even later at night :)

Over to you: Are you freakishly addicted to tea as well? If you are, have you tasted a classic red tea before?

Wang San Yang Tea Pavilion 王三阳茶庄
Singapore – ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn, #B4-43
Singapore 238801
(+65) 6509 8805

Business Hours:
M-S 10:30am – 10:00pm



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