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  Brunching at one of my favorite places in Bali, Biku. Tea, books, aromatherapy oils and other hippie novelties – the stuff of my world.  Other stories you might like:Aromatherapy: Oil haulThe 5 different types of teaHow to enjoy both bagged teas and loose teasStocking up my cups of tea againTea nose, as aromatherapy and […]

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Day well-spent: Sari Organik, Alam Bali, Utama Spice, Bridges, Gelato Massimo

  For sure I’m coming back to the Penestanan area the next time I come here. So many facilities for eat-pray-love retreaters, namely vegan cafes, yoga homestays, and psychic reading houses. Plenty of rice paddies along the 800m walk toward Sari Organik Cafe, and so we took just as many pictures. The next time round, I […]

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Headed straight to Earth Cafe & Market Bali after touchdown …

  … and it wasn’t even my idea. Hubby is such an Acts of Service person (out of the 5 Love Languages) – he knew this is one of my favorite cafes, and it doesn’t stop there. “Babe, look at the camera!” So I did. I always have a hard time choosing what to order […]

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Is this how you say ‘tea’?

Stace has been to … I’ve been to 20 out of 215 countries (9.30%)! Tea is everywhere. As a 26-year-old, I feel fortunate to have touched down 20 countries. I still feel it’s very little compared to my globetrotting mom, who’s the most well-travelled person I’ve ever known. You know those tiny spoons they always […]

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Stumbling upon this cool shop while in Amsterdam …

  While strolling down Haarleemmerdijk straat to get tea from Tea Bar, We saw a cool storefront that may look quite dingy to most, but would surely attract the most enthusiastic coffee, tea, and spices lovers. Before discovering Food & Wine‘s list of the best tea shops in the world, I should’ve known that I’ve just stumbled upon one by pure chance! Now […]

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