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Valentine’s Day 2014

  They say thanksgivings is a must in living a happy life, so this me counting my blessings. I’m blessed to receive the numerous blooming bouquets from 10, and I’m starting to lose track. These beautiful white roses and my paper toy piggies made up our Valentine’s Day in 2013. This year, it’s 10 stalks […]

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Boring stuff you don’t want to know that I’m making a note about anyway

  Another year has gone by. While I know I’m a bit late on this, I can’t help but invite you to ask yourself: How was 2013 for me? How can I make a better transition toward the year ahead? WARNING: Really long post ahead.   I attempted to answer the same question last year as “logically” […]

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The gratitude blog carnival: Top 3 things I’m grateful for in 2013 #my3thanks

  Hey everyone! Can you believe it’s nearly December already? It feels like a breeze. Seems like it was only a while ago that I wrote my first gratitude list on the blog. 52 weeks later, the practice (to stop being an ungrateful gal) became a weekly habit, and then eventually it evolved again into a […]

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A brief entelechy

  Been three days since I left Jakarta and back to San Francisco again. Still on jet-lag and promised myself to sleep at latest 2am tonight. Looked back at my greeting cards collection from loved ones, and I brought them all here, store them safely inside my drawer just below my desktop, so that I […]

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