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TGIF! (Week 26}




My 2013 began with a commitment to cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

I’ve been practicing the art of counting my blessings every Friday (such as the authentic relationships that I have and other manifestations of abundance not listed here). I believe that at any given circumstance, there is always hope. Always.


♡ I’m thankful for being a girl. I’m a traditionalist at heart, and by being a girl, I have the privilege to be the one keeping quiet instead of doing the daunting job of chasing skirts :)

Chasing is no fun, but I’m lucky that in my job, sometimes I get to act like the boy who only chases the things he wishes to pursue :) I learned that being a qualified boy is more valuable than being a playboy.

Think Lois Lane’s man.


♡ I’m grateful that my family and the closest peeps in my life, who Okaytend to be at least 2 years older than I am, have taught me well: Against all odds, keep holding moral values higher than yourself. I’m blessed to be surrounded by these people.

Nothing valuable in life is done just for show, so better stay safe in the long run, prevent your past from haunting you, and try not to do stupid things.

Like, honestly: You’d rather get rich 50 years later than get rich quick at the sacrifice of your integrity, right? No? Okay.


♡ On Wednesday, my mother brought home a taro bread and a pastry chocked with coconut flakes. I finished them in an instant.

I can’t imagine how awesome it would feel when I’ll be roaming about France later in life (just picture the smell of sourdoughs and passing by castles of cheese!!!)


♡ I’m grateful that it’s been really chilly these days. Somehow I think faster on my trembling feet. Monsoon is way over in Jakarta, but it’s been really dewy. It’s a mellow mood and I like mellow yellow.


♡ Downing warm cups of tea soothes the soul. Even for a minute or two, they help relieve a degree of physical tension. For the fellow worrisome folks, this helps ease you a ton. When you feel so worthless that you can’t give yourself some credit, brewing a cup of tea is the least you can do to keep hustling.


♡ I love how the lady at the toll smiles back at me every morning. Most adults have grown so used to putting their masks on that they forgot how it feels to be sincere.


♡ I’m grateful for the bold people who inspire me and appreciate my authenticity. They give me confidence.


♡ I’m grateful that I stole 30 minutes of my time to writing these little things today. Time is of the essence, and to be completely honest, as I’m writing right now I have more on my worry list compared to the things I have in valuable areas of my life to which I can fully express my gratitude.

I’m suspended every ticking clock by uncertainties and unreliable ledes, but at the same time, I’m obliged to remain objective. At the same time, my life is hanging by a thread. It’s times like these that I don’t know what to do as a mere human in order to fulfill my responsibilities while maintaining a quality result.

Even if I lose myself, I still won’t let time flying pass me at the sacrifice of good work.

Every word, every sentence, every paragraph I leave behind carries a seed of intent. I’ve had my share of redundancies in life and on paper as early as when I was in high school, but now, I’m grateful for taking this passing 30 minutes to just pause and appreciate the finer things in life, most of which are often overlooked on a daily basis.

I can’t afford to waste any more time. I create value for a living out of love, and I can’t allow others to corrupt that value.



Over to you: What are you grateful for this week?


Share your stories in the comments section below :) Happy weekend!




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