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How to live a long and happy life – according to Scripture.

  Stillwater sisters, Not so long ago, I received this chain message on BlackBerry Messenger through one of my closest friends. I thought it would move you as it’s moved me, especially if you’re trying to fill your life with true happiness, but can’t find it. Enjoy the Word.   ♥ Keep calm and carry on. No […]

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How to get lucky


I am lounging on my bed, reminiscing the good things that are currently happening in my life. I think I am blessed. I flip through the pages of my favorite magazine, Women’s Health, and turn toward the Life Skills section in search for the things I have yet to learn about life.

How should I look forward?


The Pure Dragon. The card game Cap Sa originated from the Chinese, thus the dub “Chinese poker”. Cap Sa is a very popular game in East Asia and Southeast Asia.


Within the course of half a year, I played Cap Sa with three other friends really often, and right after the dealer has finished giving out 13 cards for each player, this is what I get. Twice.

What are the odds? I immediately won, both games.

The first time was at the very end of the year, the next was about a month after that.

In the game of Cap Sa, or Big Two, this order of cards is called the Pure Dragon, where you get a perfect order of sequence from Ace to 2. Chances of getting an immediate win through this method, by calculating the probabilities (or not), can be expressed as:


frac{  tbinom{4}{1}^{13} }{ tbinom{52}{13} } = 0.010568% = 1:9462
Source: Wikipedia


How is it possible that I got it twice in less than 6 months? Is it because we played really, really often? By that, does increasing the frequency of chance opportunities have to do with increasing a person’s odds to stumble upon it? These questions made me think of the card game as a metaphor for life.


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