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Tasting pu-erhs at Siang Ming Tea



Last Sunday, I grabbed the opportunity to join the last day of Siang Ming Tea’s Pu-erh Tea Festival (普洱茶节日), which also happens to be the teahouse’s 20th anniversary celebration. I was away for a retreat with hubs over the long weekend. It’s one of those times you wish you could be in 2 places at once. As if I did, I would’ve been spiritually renewed AND learned the best way to store pu-erh. I intend to invest a few sheng (raw) ones for years. A girl’s gotta earn some passive income, right? And if you store your vintage somewhere with stable temperature and moisture levels, you can get 10x more ROI (or more) from when you first bought it in the years to come. Buuutt that’s my perfectionism speaking~ I still don’t know the nitty-gritty on storing the goods and the full investment benefits of it all, and thank God for this blog I can share what I’ll learn when the next opportunity comes.

On this day though, there’s no formal workshop session about pu-erh per se, but I’ve learned TONSS from sensei Suwarni, who I admire so much not only because of her pro tea knowledge (she’s “the first chanoyu instructor of non-Japanese descent ever bestowed with a Japanese Ambassador Commendation”1 after all), but also her actual wisdom. I also suspect her habit of daily pu-erh has made her age sooooo gracefully.

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