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Tag: relationships

The humble authenticity of tea

  For the most part of my life, I’m more of a follower type of person. I am quiet, I don’t like noise, I avoid crowds, and love books. Tea has been my companion the whole time. Then I fell in love with the wrong guy. And a whole series of wrong guys ever since […]

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At 13, I fell in love for the first time

Whenever somebody asks me about the first time I fell in love, I find it difficult to answer. It really depends on how you define love, and your definition of it changes as you grow older. But for argument’s sake, I fell for it when I was 13 going 14. I’m talking about the kind of […]

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The first crush (or second) (maybe third)

I can’t exactly remember which guy was the first out of the many crushes I’ve had (tee-hee), but let me share with you my adventure about how I came to like and unlike this one guy when I was about eleven or twelve. Let’s call him Bill. I like Bill a lot because he’s so […]

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Think you don’t have anyone you can lean on to?

I was breathing out a heavy sigh coming out of my afternoon shower. Sitting down on my desk chair, I run through my head all the things I have to do today. Suddenly, my BlackBerry lighted up. “Have you received my e-mail?” he asked. A tiny tear trickled down my eye. A smile also appeared, […]

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Best teacher

I don’t know him. At least, not as well as I can be. He’s quiet, reserved – but never calm. In fact, he’s scornful to his delegates. He turns boiling angry easily, especially if you don’t do what he asks you to do ASAP. He releases his anger through a religious routine of weekly morning […]

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