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Enchanted: Destination engagement photography by Daddy Tjeuw


Today, I’d like to showcase one of the many vendors I’m eternally grateful for for our beautiful celebration. The name’s Daddy Tjeuw, a Jakarta-based wedding and pre-wedding photographer who’s excellent at doing what he does. It’s rare to find local photographers who master the art of using natural light to their full advantage, so we were blessed the day we discovered Daddy during our search for the perfect pre-wedding photoshoot. Without further ado, here’s one of the many series hubs and I totally loved:

DAY 1 stanley stacia-26


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H – 2 | #HerStance: On trust, relationships, and how I came to know The One.

  Note: Now here’s the post you’ve been waiting for ;) As usual, get your tea and most comfortable throw and read away – be prepared for a loooooong post that’ll complete the missing piece of his story #HisStance. Enjoy!   Unlike Stanley, I don’t have a running list of qualities I must find in a […]

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H – 8 | #HisStance: On relationships, getting married, and how I know she’s the one.

  Note: Hey, you. Lucky you for stopping by Stillwater today, because finally … for the first time ever, you’re reading the first ever guest post on the blog!!! And it’s none other than my hubs-to-be, Stanley, who’ll be sharing his side of our story #stance2015. It’s close to a week left before the wedding now, and […]

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H – 10: Your trophy, your pillar, my vow.

  A favorite from all the photos I took during our final technical meeting in Bali before the wedding. Something I know I’ll treasure during our golden anniversary. I can literally hear God saying, “Look at them. It was I who united them, in their powerlessness and in My strength.” I mean, it’s 10 friggin’ days left!!!!!! […]

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On repeat: Hold On

  There’s this song that’s been stuck in my head for weeks now. You may already know I just had my engagement photoshoot about 2 weeks ago, and the results are amazing; judging from the raw files on our photographer‘s camera, there’s really not much to edit. One (of the many!) unique thing about shooting with him was […]

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