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On the road: An eclectic playlist

  It’s funny how even if you take things one day at time, the clock is ticking faster than ever before. It’s holiday season again here in Indonesia (Ramadan), and most of us are already out of town for a long vacation. Meanwhile, I am just back from a 2-week holiday to China, and will be […]

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Here’s a little something for your Monday.

  Over a week later and I’m still hungover with Jay :p Tunes I listed below were in my head all week, and since it’s dreadful Monday, I want to share the joy with you. Here’s the 101 on the master of diao: Practically every Mandarin-speaking population have at least heard one song by Jay […]

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16 powerful girly songs that keeps you strong and going

  I know, I know – judging from the headline, call me girly-girl all you want. In my defense, I’m a jobless twenty-something girl who doesn’t have everything all figured out yet in life (and this is a totally different topic, something I might frequently touch upon in the near future). After all, I’ve only […]

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