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5 super cute pig videos to repeat when I’m away … (#5 is deadly)


Sooo … I’m going to be away honeymooning for the next couple of weeks~ I’ve already scheduled a few posts to be published while I’m away, but just to give you a heads up (and more importantly, cute vids of pigs you just cannot stop putting on repeat), I’m letting you know through this post so you won’t be thinking I’ve gone AWOL. That said, I’ll be seeing you on the blog again during the last week of April :) In the meantime, you can see me and hubs’ whereabouts and what we’ll be up to on Instagram and Twitter. Don’t forget to say hi when you do! Ciao for now~~

Up to 60%

So I was gone. Dead. Seriously dead when I first saw this. You would too:

Dead. #ripme #myalcohol #lovedrunk #kthxbye @teten02

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… yeah, thought so.




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