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On My Mark: The INFJ Runner, Part 2 (Week of October 28-November 3, 2013)

  Hey everyone~ On My Mark posts are supposed to be on Sundays, but I’m retiring a bit from my get-it-done habits. While we’re on the subject of INFJs – my schedules for anything, including posts for the blog, are usually chiseled in my head like this:     But I’ve been chilling quite a bit with […]

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Which famous personality do you identify with?

  Like all journeys of self-discovery, personality tests never cease to fascinate me. They reveal how you decide, why you do the things you do, the unpleasant truths about yourself, and ultimately your part in contributing to the world.  This is a simple MBTI test I’ve just taken in less than 5 minutes, which is based […]

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What’s your blood type?

We had a glimpse of personality psychology last week with Doubutsu Uranai. Today, I want to share something similar (at least cute-wise), but a hundred times funnier than any comic strips you’ve ever seen … because they’re so true. Take a look at some of my favorite depictions of the ABO blood types drawn by RealCrazyMan:     What do […]

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How to get lucky


I am lounging on my bed, reminiscing the good things that are currently happening in my life. I think I am blessed. I flip through the pages of my favorite magazine, Women’s Health, and turn toward the Life Skills section in search for the things I have yet to learn about life.

How should I look forward?


The Pure Dragon. The card game Cap Sa originated from the Chinese, thus the dub “Chinese poker”. Cap Sa is a very popular game in East Asia and Southeast Asia.


Within the course of half a year, I played Cap Sa with three other friends really often, and right after the dealer has finished giving out 13 cards for each player, this is what I get. Twice.

What are the odds? I immediately won, both games.

The first time was at the very end of the year, the next was about a month after that.

In the game of Cap Sa, or Big Two, this order of cards is called the Pure Dragon, where you get a perfect order of sequence from Ace to 2. Chances of getting an immediate win through this method, by calculating the probabilities (or not), can be expressed as:


frac{  tbinom{4}{1}^{13} }{ tbinom{52}{13} } = 0.010568% = 1:9462
Source: Wikipedia


How is it possible that I got it twice in less than 6 months? Is it because we played really, really often? By that, does increasing the frequency of chance opportunities have to do with increasing a person’s odds to stumble upon it? These questions made me think of the card game as a metaphor for life.


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