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Tag: perfectionism

The perfect guy doesn’t exist.

  The perfect guy doesn’t exist, so I stopped looking for him. I’m tired of guys who cheat, play, and lie, so I stopped hoping for a guy who would ‘get’ me. But you see, the perfect guy DOES exist. More like a man than he is a guy, and he happens to be a […]

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How to be perfect

  This one’s dedicated to the fellow idealists and believers. All verses are quoted from the English Standard Version (ESV) bible. I find them a sufficient reminder for life of what’s truly perfect and what’s not. Hope you find these verses helpful too. 1. My little children, I am writing these things to you so that […]

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BLOG February 2012 I was cleaning up my Facebook Notes, which I rarely do but occasionally I do. It’s too bad Facebook isn’t promoting the Notes app as much as they used to anymore. You might’ve noticed some of the notes I already reposted here on this blog. This is one of the entries I […]

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