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Shoe lust

  I’m no stranger to foot pains from being active, and my therapist have been telling me to minimize wearing heels so I won’t exacerbate the pain. But it didn’t stop me from snooping around for pretty pumps, like what I’m doing right now.   Currently lusting these: ☑ hologram UNIF Pyre platforms from Dolls Kill, ☑ […]

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Comeback trend: White crop top

  Remember the early days of Britney? Yeap, she was all white in a skin-tight crop. We’ve all probably noticed a number of A-list celebrities donning the midriff-revealing item these days, whether they’re down the street or the red carpet. It was predominant in the ’80s and ’90s, thanks to Madonna, who started it all. Gwen […]

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Shades of grey

  The other day I went to enjoy the sea view from the newly opened waterfront mall, Baywalk. Decided it’s going to be pretty breezy, and I meant it when I said I don’t really accessorize much. Turns out it was really humid (as usual of Jakarta) so the jacket was sweating me. Two hours later and […]

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Style Muse: Tao Okamoto

  Okay, I confess: I’ve only watched The Wolverine (2013) just recently, even though it’s been out for at least two weeks now. With the immense media coverage of the film’s leading lady, I discovered that the model-turned-actress Tao Okamoto is as captivating behind the scenes as she was on-screen. Little did I know that the […]

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