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You are not your own.

  The image on the mirror is ugly. it has small eyes, wide nose, thin lips, thin hair, flat chest, and wide hips. I wish its skin’s a bit fairer, its hair’s a little fluffier, its lips much fatter, its eyes bigger, its nose much straighter, that it’s way bustier than it is, that it’s […]

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Feeling good about yourself is hard. Feel good anyway.


This is a post I promised last week. It’s going to be another long one I have to warn you about.


There was a time when I made life harder for everyone around me. It creeps itself up very slowly, but it started from something small. Might seem so simple you wouldn’t have thought it could have so much influence on your life beyond the bathroom mirror. But truth is, how you regard yourself determines how you behave and how you respond to others.


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10 steps to believe you’re beautiful


How you perceive yourself has a much bigger effect on your day than you might think. Plus, it’s so easy to feel unpretty in the face of roadside billboards and the pages of glossy magazines (especially on bad hair days).

My hair is fine today, thanks, and this morning I want to share my personal battle with self-esteem. I still attempt to overcome it on a daily basis, and there’s a whole dark side to the story that I’ll be sharing next week. But for now, let me just run through what I do to pick myself back up again:


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Short story: “Image”

  This story is fictional. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. She stared at her. The disfigured lady was staring back – the  broken pieces are still attached to the wooden board. Luckily, the largest piece was the one that still hung right at her eye level. It’s big enough […]

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