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Classic combo: Frankincense + myrrh

  Natural or synthetic? Best for? The story The science Warning(s) Are they safe? Product(s)   Natural or synthentic? Natural. There are many manufacturers out there that mislabel extracts from adulterated genus species as frankincense and myrrh. So always look for the words “Boswellia” and “Commiphora” on the ingredients list of your frankincense and myrrh products respectively. Also known as: […]

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Sip and inhale: My kind of therapy

  We’ve started the month with a brief exploration on tea nose, and more often than not, I have a couple of scents around my desktop as I’m having my tea. I’ve also been allured by the white peony ever since m introduction to it during the Pecinta Teh gathering back in January, and I […]

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Ingredients 101: Jojoba oil

  Natural or synthetic? Natural Derivative(s) Jojoba butter, hydrogenated jojoba oil, jojoba esters, hydrolyzed jojoba esters, isomerized jojoba oil, jojoba alcohol, synthetic jojoba oil Best for? Achieving smooth, hydrated skin for dry skin types; overall conditioning for normal and sensitive skin types; treating acne and regulating moisture balance for oily skin types – simply skin-softening in a […]

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Japan beauty buys




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Haul: Russell Organics

  I’ve been scouring for months to replace my NOW Foods rosehip oil. I ended up discovering the wide range of facial oils from luxury brand Russell Organics, all certified organic, and added 2 more oils to cart to try them out. Turns out the bestselling item of the brand is its argan oil, which I didn’t grab […]

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