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Classic combo: Frankincense + myrrh

  Natural or synthetic? Best for? The story The science Warning(s) Are they safe? Product(s)   Natural or synthentic? Natural. There are many manufacturers out there that mislabel extracts from adulterated genus species as frankincense and myrrh. So always look for the words “Boswellia” and “Commiphora” on the ingredients list of your frankincense and myrrh products respectively. Also known as: […]

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How to enjoy both bagged teas and loose teas

  Last you heard, I asked you to pick your preferred way to have your tea daily (bagged or loose?) and listed the brief pros and cons of each brewing method. Today, I’m going to delve more on how we can improve both ways of enjoying tea. But first, if you’re new to the tea […]

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Longing to touch you

  I don’t understand you, God. What’s wrong with you? Why do you have to make life so difficult? Why? Why is it that every time I want to do something right, I always end up doing the wrong thing? Why do I keep falling? Have I not made myself strong enough for the world […]

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Tea nose, as aromatherapy and a mnemonic

  If you’ve read Stillwater long enough, you already know I’m big on aromatherapy. While I don’t burn incense or embalm mummified corpses, concentrated botanical extracts are a big part of my daily life, particularly as an alternative medicine and for cosmetic care. The concept of aromatherapy is really simple: You inhale an aromatic bouquet to bring about a physical, emotional, […]

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Ingredients 101: Aloe vera extract

  Natural or synthetic? Natural Also known as: Aloe vera gel, aloe vera gel extract, aloe vera leaf extract, aloe vera juice, aloe vera leaf juice, aloe barbadensis juice, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, aloe barbadensis flower extract Best for? Soothing sunburn pains as well as addressing minor burns, wounds, rashes and sores, including […]

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