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Nota Bene

    Whatever makes you weird is probably your greatest asset. (Joss Whedon)   Bravely embrace your weirdness like a real superwoman. #thecouragetobeyourself Click To Tweet       ♥ Stace Follow or find me on     via Juleeanna Hallen on Pinterest    Other stories you might like:What’s your type? I’m an INFJ: Myers-Briggs TypeAppreciating […]

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You are not your own.

  The image on the mirror is ugly. it has small eyes, wide nose, thin lips, thin hair, flat chest, and wide hips. I wish its skin’s a bit fairer, its hair’s a little fluffier, its lips much fatter, its eyes bigger, its nose much straighter, that it’s way bustier than it is, that it’s […]

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How to be perfect

  This one’s dedicated to the fellow idealists and believers. All verses are quoted from the English Standard Version (ESV) bible. I find them a sufficient reminder for life of what’s truly perfect and what’s not. Hope you find these verses helpful too. 1. My little children, I am writing these things to you so that […]

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Drawing you near me.

  Whenever I draw you, I get to know you a little bit more. Every fur, every detail, every move you make, I love watching you just being you. I want you to experience this life as fully as you can, this life I’ve created especially for you. This feeling inside me I can hardly […]

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How to be happy and healthy for life

When you peel the layers of a person, it just comes down to skin, flesh, and bones. At least, this is what most people would agree. We often forget that further still, right underneath our rib cage, there is the beating heart, and further beyond the heart seats the soul. Considering the skin is the […]

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