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The goal of marriage

  I truly believe the saying that goes, it’s better to stay single for the rest of your life than to get into a bad marriage. Compatibility alone doesn’t secure you lifelong marital bliss – in truth, every one of us is so different that we’re not naturally compatible with each other unless we’re willing […]

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Tea with Jesus: Pondering for the new year

  In order to be sent, I need a pre-sent. You are the present. Just that you came not just for me, but for the love of the whole wide world. I thank the Father for whoever created Bahasa Indonesia, because “thank you” in the language is “terima kasih”, which literally means “receiving love”. I have […]

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Who to expect on your wedding

  If you haven’t already know, 10 and I had 2 wedding receptions to celebrate our marriage. The one we wanted was a smaller and much more intimate setting in Bali, whereas the other one was what our parents originally envisioned their children’s wedding day to be. Having gone through the once-in-a-lifetime experience twice made […]

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The perfect guy doesn’t exist.

  The perfect guy doesn’t exist, so I stopped looking for him. I’m tired of guys who cheat, play, and lie, so I stopped hoping for a guy who would ‘get’ me. But you see, the perfect guy DOES exist. More like a man than he is a guy, and he happens to be a […]

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You are not your own.

  The image on the mirror is ugly. it has small eyes, wide nose, thin lips, thin hair, flat chest, and wide hips. I wish its skin’s a bit fairer, its hair’s a little fluffier, its lips much fatter, its eyes bigger, its nose much straighter, that it’s way bustier than it is, that it’s […]

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