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On repeat: Hold On

  There’s this song that’s been stuck in my head for weeks now. You may already know I just had my engagement photoshoot about 2 weeks ago, and the results are amazing; judging from the raw files on our photographer‘s camera, there’s really not much to edit. One (of the many!) unique thing about shooting with him was […]

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On repeat: Love Story

  To share a little bit more about the things I love (and music’s always been a huge part of it), here I want to start a series much like the books I’m currently reading/obsessing/revisiting, a.k.a. more concise posts on the blog for your easy digestion. Just as much as I love stories in the written word, […]

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Commentary: [Fill this blank space]



Ms. Swift is one smart gal. She easily raised her brand recognition and converted me into a Swiftie by declaring her product rare.


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God only knows why



A while ago, I shared with you my recent playlist of timeless songs from the 70s and 80s. This one’s a classic from way back further, and it happens to be Paul McCartney’s favorite1. It’s now modernized, improvised, and targeted to help disabled kids of Children In Need:



  1. BBC: Smashed Hits: God Only Knows []
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Required listening: Great music from before you were born

  I must admit: I haven’t watched MTV in over a decade. I’m serious. I used to be the kid who keeps up with the charts when I was young1, all the way through the time I was studying in Singapore (circa 1994 to 2004). I felt that music has gone stale since the turn of the millennium, and I’m […]

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