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A Hotel Transylvania & Life of Pi weekend

Just some musings from a flick-filled weekend… Hotel Transylvania None whatsoever substance or significance worth discussing. Not exactly funny, not exactly original, yet not exactly boring either. Good for filling your spare time. Life of Pi Put simply, the whole plot revolves around an aspiring novelist who approached an Indian immigrant in search for a […]

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Life Lessons from Zombieland

Things I learned from the 2009 hit movie Zombieland.         Muchaluva, Stace Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.  Other stories you might like:Feeling good about yourself is hard. Feel good anyway.12 do-anywhere moves to tone up all overWhat’s your type? I’m an INFJ: Myers-Briggs TypeIf you’re secretly a geek and/or secretly love geeky…Is […]

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