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Books turning movies: Read + TBR



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If there is one non-Fifty Shades romantic movie you should watch this year, it’s this.

  It’s called Playing it Cool, a Justin Reardon-directed romcom slated to be out the day before Valentine’s Day in the US and God knows when in the rest of the globe. Can’t believe I’ve only discovered the trailer last week, and so many familiar faces in one cut! Imagine … Captain America working under Falcon Chris Evans […]

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Even Spider-Man cannot defy death.


Note: This is one of those spontaneous posts I mentioned about on my blogging resolutions post. I just got to let the word out now.


“I made a choice. This is my path.”

Columbia Pictures
Starring: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan, Campbell Scott, Embeth Davidtz, Colm Feore, Paul Giamatti, Sally Field
Release Date: May 2, 2014
MPAA rating: PG-13
Director(s): Marc Webb
Producer(s): Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach
Screenplay: Jeff Pinkner, Alex Kurtzman, James Vanderbilt, Robert Orci

This is coming from a non-comic-book-reading fangirl’s standpoint: Spider-Man was and still is my favorite superhero for all that he is (a good boy) and for the things that he’s not (the usual mega-wealthy, sturdy built, god-like superhero archetype).

I want to do this for no other reason than sharing my love of Peter Parker and his story. I hope it can help you see that everything that was thrown at him in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 would eventually mold him into the great character that we all know and love.

By now I’m sure most of you already know what’s going to happen. Regardless, you can rest assured there are no spoilers beyond this point.


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Thank God for gravity


“Explorer, do you, do you copy? Houston, do you copy? Houston, this is Mission Specialist Ryan Stone. I am off structure and I am drifting. Do you copy? Anyone? Anybody? Do you copy? Please copy. Please.”


Warner Bros. Pictures
Genre: Thriller/Drama
Starring: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney
Release Date: October 4, 2013
MPAA rating: PG-13
Director(s): Alfonso Cuarón
Producer(s): Alfonso Cuarón, Chris DeFaria, David Heyman, Stephen Jones, Nikki Penny, Gabriela Rodriguez
Screenplay: Alfonso Cuarón, Jonás Cuarón

When you were young, were you one of those kids who hated the downward pull of gravity? Because without it, you can fly?

Well, I didn’t exactly hate it, but I often liken the possibilities if it didn’t exist.

My thoughts have orbited to a full circle after I saw Alfonso Cuarón’s record-breaking 3D thriller, Gravity, last weekend, especially when I felt like I really was a weightless observer floating in space, my five senses wholly engrossed in the subliminal 4DX experience at Grand Indonesia’s Blitzmegaplex.

Setting by far the largest October opening in box-office history (of an estimated USD 55.6 million), Cuarón’s super-ambitious, super long-awaited piece (took him almost five years to make, as he told Wired) has been bagging high praises from the world’s most respected film viewers and makers alike.


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The most romantic movie of all time?

I such a basic b*tch in this case. No other rom-coms or dramas compare to how I felt after watching The Notebook. To most guys, this movie looks so much like a fairytale and that it can never exist in real life. That’s kind of true … until I met Stanley. I’ll be honest here: […]

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