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The perfect guy doesn’t exist.

  The perfect guy doesn’t exist, so I stopped looking for him. I’m tired of guys who cheat, play, and lie, so I stopped hoping for a guy who would ‘get’ me. But you see, the perfect guy DOES exist. More like a man than he is a guy, and he happens to be a […]

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H – 2 | #HerStance: On trust, relationships, and how I came to know The One.

  Note: Now here’s the post you’ve been waiting for ;) As usual, get your tea and most comfortable throw and read away – be prepared for a loooooong post that’ll complete the missing piece of his story #HisStance. Enjoy!   Unlike Stanley, I don’t have a running list of qualities I must find in a […]

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H – 8 | #HisStance: On relationships, getting married, and how I know she’s the one.

  Note: Hey, you. Lucky you for stopping by Stillwater today, because finally … for the first time ever, you’re reading the first ever guest post on the blog!!! And it’s none other than my hubs-to-be, Stanley, who’ll be sharing his side of our story #stance2015. It’s close to a week left before the wedding now, and […]

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H – 10: Your trophy, your pillar, my vow.

  A favorite from all the photos I took during our final technical meeting in Bali before the wedding. Something I know I’ll treasure during our golden anniversary. I can literally hear God saying, “Look at them. It was I who united them, in their powerlessness and in My strength.” I mean, it’s 10 friggin’ days left!!!!!! […]

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H – 30: So, I’m actually going to be a bride …

  It’s officially 30 days till the big day. As clichéic as this sounds, I can’t believe it’s finally happening. I mean, for real … One moment you think you still have a long way to go before you become a wife. The next moment you’re going to be one in a blink. See, it doesn’t […]

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