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24 things I learned at 24

  In honor of birthdays, I’m making a list of life lessons I’ve learned at 24. Please note that this is a note-to-self, as with most etc posts on the blog. Hopefully I’ll keep these in mind at 25 and beyond. 1. When in doubt, take a step back and ask yourself “why”. Don’t resort to momentary retreats (cookies, […]

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Current love: 6 things

  1. NYX Butter Gloss in Peach Cobbler (BLG06), a red-orange lippie that turned out amazing as I was hunting for something peachy-pink. The YSL Rouge Pur Couture in Rosy Coral (52) is still out of stock. Thanks, Gianna.   2. Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask, a recent addition to my all-natural nighttime routine, just because I feel my skin […]

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What makes you so magnetic to this blood-sucking pest.


Still waters, standing pots, and messy clutters are really attractive to them. So are you.


For those of you who’s had trouble sleeping, it may be for reasons similar to my case. In the past few months I’ve been doing quite well, as I can’t recall a night I’ve spent going sleepless like I did so many times last year. A large part of my insomnia stemmed from anxieties and my overthinking tendencies. Thankfully I’m all better these days.

The only sleeping problem? M-O-S-Q-U-I-T-O-E-S.


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21 irresistible things you’ll love about the engineering boyfriend



Guess what: Today is Engineer’s Day in Singapore. Yes, there is such a thing, and it’s a worldwide thing, except in Indonesia.

I cared because my older brother is one, my boyfriend is one, my best friend is one, and I find myself attracted to the engineering type the whole time I was consciously single. While I’ve welcomed other types and learned to tolerate many things, I still come back to the ones in engineering. You know – the ones who stays in the lab till 6 in the morning, doesn’t shower, and heads off to a morning class immediately.

Besides how obviously intelligent they are, I didn’t really understand why I’m so inclined to these guys until I give myself time to ponder upon it now.

Just woman to woman, here’s why you’re far better off with that bespectacled guy than with Mr. Abercrombie & Fitch:


He’s cute.

I don’t know why the media always portrays engineers as unattractive. You see, nerds and geeks are very different (think Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield) – geeks tend to be more socially aware than nerds are. The engineering guys I’ve met are all but hermits – it’s how I met them in the first place. Believe me all you want, but they all happen to be cute. Best of all, they don’t even know it.


His glasses.

Tell me this isn’t just me: Most men think women want humongous muscles and protruding veins. Tell you what – it’s creepy. Women love a good mix of openness and mysteriousness, and a pair of warm eyes hidden beneath those thick, big glasses do just that. It makes us curious, it makes us want to get to know you more, and it makes us wonder what you’re like without them on. It’s like bra for men.



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On the run: 3 simply powerful mantras to keep you going

  Not everybody loves the dreadmills. They’re boring (no winds, no sun), they’re uninspiring, and they make you feel like you’re never going to get anywhere. All you’re really do is running in place. But don’t get me wrong. Despite the tough relationship I’ve had with the ‘mill, we’ve been going strong together for some time now. What […]

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