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Photo diary: Snaps with celebrity wax figures



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Here’s a little something for your Monday.

  Over a week later and I’m still hungover with Jay :p Tunes I listed below were in my head all week, and since it’s dreadful Monday, I want to share the joy with you. Here’s the 101 on the master of diao: Practically every Mandarin-speaking population have at least heard one song by Jay […]

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The unforgetable Opus Jay 2013 World Tour in Jakarta

  WARNING: Deeply affected (read: benumbed) fangirl ahead.   Sorry that it took me so long to give you the 411 about this, but … you remember I told you about Jay Chou’s concert in Indonesia? For the first time, like, ever? Well … I went to see him. FOR FREE!!!!!! And Oh. My. God. […]

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My favorite musician of all time.

  I’m a big fan of music. Especially quality music. ’90s music, ’80s music, music that matters, music that lasts. I love pop jazz like John Legend and Michael Buble, smooth jazz like Dave Koz and Incognito, classic jazz like Frank Sinatra and soulful voices like Aretha Franklin. Even Earth, Wind & Fire’s Reason. I […]

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