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Tag: ingredients 101

Classic combo: Frankincense + myrrh

  Natural or synthetic? Best for? The story The science Warning(s) Are they safe? Product(s)   Natural or synthentic? Natural. There are many manufacturers out there that mislabel extracts from adulterated genus species as frankincense and myrrh. So always look for the words “Boswellia” and “Commiphora” on the ingredients list of your frankincense and myrrh products respectively. Also known as: […]

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Ingredients 101: Aloe vera extract

  Natural or synthetic? Natural Also known as: Aloe vera gel, aloe vera gel extract, aloe vera leaf extract, aloe vera juice, aloe vera leaf juice, aloe barbadensis juice, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, aloe barbadensis flower extract Best for? Soothing sunburn pains as well as addressing minor burns, wounds, rashes and sores, including […]

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Ingredients 101: Jojoba oil

  Natural or synthetic? Natural Derivative(s) Jojoba butter, hydrogenated jojoba oil, jojoba esters, hydrolyzed jojoba esters, isomerized jojoba oil, jojoba alcohol, synthetic jojoba oil Best for? Achieving smooth, hydrated skin for dry skin types; overall conditioning for normal and sensitive skin types; treating acne and regulating moisture balance for oily skin types – simply skin-softening in a […]

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Ingredients 101: Salicylic acid

  Natural or synthetic? Both (natural: willow bark extract) Best for? Addressing skin blemishes, clearing up pimples, and preventing whiteheads/blackheads by working as a keratolytic (exfoliant) for the skin. Also applies as a medication for treating conditions that has to do with skin cell overgrowth and/or scaling, such as psoriasis, dermatitis, dandruff, corns, warts on hands and […]

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Ingredients 101: Benzoyl peroxide

  I haven’t been updating my beauty segment since forever. Since I’m pretty nitpicky when it comes to cosmetic ingredients, I’d like to introduce a new section under the segment that explores just that (mainly to divide and conquer future blog posts so you won’t have to scroll so much … ehhehehe). You might ask, […]

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