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Boring stuff you don’t want to know that I’m making a note about anyway

  Another year has gone by. While I know I’m a bit late on this, I can’t help but invite you to ask yourself: How was 2013 for me? How can I make a better transition toward the year ahead? WARNING: Really long post ahead.   I attempted to answer the same question last year as “logically” […]

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¶ Broken home

¶ Been a year; Missing homelands. The end is near, Where is my home? ¶ Always in transit; Lived a third of 21 years in the airport. When is my next flight? ¶ The whole of me builds castles among clouds. Bits and pieces, I have built. ¶ Why am I here and also there? […]

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  毎日それぞれを考えます。。。 私のことが何?自分の人生の意味がある?あったともあれが何ですか?いつ本絵を出せますか?   私は誰?      Other stories you might like:3-day Bandung trip: My life-turning weekendStocking up my cups of tea againWhat’s your type? I’m an INFJ: Myers-Briggs TypeFoods to help you sleep better tonightAromatherapy: Oil haulMy 2-week adventure: Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, plus a wee bit…Is this how you say ‘tea’?8 cult skincare products […]

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