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Feeling good about yourself is hard. Feel good anyway.


This is a post I promised last week. It’s going to be another long one I have to warn you about.


There was a time when I made life harder for everyone around me. It creeps itself up very slowly, but it started from something small. Might seem so simple you wouldn’t have thought it could have so much influence on your life beyond the bathroom mirror. But truth is, how you regard yourself determines how you behave and how you respond to others.


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10 steps to believe you’re beautiful


How you perceive yourself has a much bigger effect on your day than you might think. Plus, it’s so easy to feel unpretty in the face of roadside billboards and the pages of glossy magazines (especially on bad hair days).

My hair is fine today, thanks, and this morning I want to share my personal battle with self-esteem. I still attempt to overcome it on a daily basis, and there’s a whole dark side to the story that I’ll be sharing next week. But for now, let me just run through what I do to pick myself back up again:


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Note to self: You do you.


Because real hair is always in. #nyfw
Because real is always in. #nyfw

Now more than ever, it’s so easy to compare our lives with others. Like when your Facebook feed has just shown you a beautiful album of a friend who’s vacationing in Italy, or some celebrity’s just uploaded a stunning #iwokeuplikethis selfie on Instagram. Even though deep down we know most posts are heavily styled and, let’s face it, only about 10% of them are “real” snapshots of “real life”, we can’t help but see how few time, resources, and opportunities we have compared to those of our followings.


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My dream of flying solo

Although I have ‘fly solo’ under my bucket list since forever, I’ve never really done it. I did went to Denver in Colorado by myself for reasons I can’t tell you, but it certainly wasn’t for pleasure. I didn’t get to see much of the city, and I didn’t enjoy the whole stay either. Way […]

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How much do you know yourself?

“There are three things extremely hard: Steel, a diamond, and to know one’s self.” (Benjamin Franklin) Just a few days ago, I took a questionnaire at my church to see where I will best fit for public service vocationally. The results are surprising. I score highest on being a teacher and a doer (others are perceiver, […]

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