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March 2012




Finally, got the chance to workout again after more than a week. Last week, San Francisco observed a full week of rainfall and heavy winds. I ended up curling under the blanket and load up on plenty of food.

By now, I’ve totally blown off all the previous rules I’ve set when I began my 33-day diet. There’s still 10 more days to go till this diet ends, but before last week, I haven’t even weigh myself to get started tracking progress throughout the journey. So, that lesson I learned.

Second of all, just because I work out doesn’t mean I can become greedy when it comes to food. That’s the most painful lesson I had to learn. Limiting myself wasn’t the way it works for me, even though it works for most people. If I have a limited mindset of food intake between 1000 to 1600 calories, I ended up eating double that amount. I must have gained weight instead of losing in the first few weeks.

So far, I’ve lost a pound since I last weighed. I should expect either the same weight tomorrow morning or slightly lower. That would mean I’ve lost 1 kg.

I think what has worked for me from the temptation of overeating is that I have to distract myself from food – and that is to do something I enjoy doing, like reading and listening to music, napping and dancing, and stuff. You know. Then aside from that, I eat exactly 3 meals a day, once in a blue moon 4 times. that means, I eat like I’ve always eaten since I was a kid – I grew up with timed meals at these intervals – 9am in the morning, 1pm in the afternoon, and 7pm for dinner. That has always worked for me, and I guess now I know that’s one way to stick to my lifelong diet.

So my workout today consists of a 40-minute elliptical machine workout: 5 minutes of warmup at resistance level 5, 2 minutes at 9, 2 for 5, 2 for 9, 2 for 5, 2 for 9, then 2 for 6, 2 for 11, 2 for 6, 2 for 11, 2 for 6, 2 for 11, then 2 for 7, 2 for 13, 2 for 7, 2 for 13, 2 for 7, 2 for 15, 2 for 8, 2 for 15, 2 for 7 to cool down. Then lifted some free weights for arm workouts and plenty of lunges to match that.

It’s great. I already feel better. I haven’t been keeping count of how many times I’ve been to the gym already this month. It shouldn’t be 15, but I feel it’s definitely more than that. I’m hoping I can still make it to the gym for the next 8 days before March is over.

On a side note, as of this moment, my boyfriend is up in the air, about to land on Seattle. He’s going to accompany his younger sister for the week in her new school over there, and then he’s coming here for my Spring Break. We have thought of me flying there over this weekend, but it turns out I’ve got work, got to find a new roommate, got to do my homework, and plenty, plenty more fun. So I can’t. I’ll save it for the break.





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