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Somebody’s coming over here :)

BLOG March 2012       Finally, got the chance to workout again after more than a week. Last week, San Francisco observed a full week of rainfall and heavy winds. I ended up curling under the blanket and load up on plenty of food. By now, I’ve totally blown off all the previous rules […]

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Under dry spell

BLOG February 2012   Third visit to the gym. Jumped on the elliptical machine for 40 minutes. Warmed up at resistance level 5 for 3 minutes, then went up to 20, 5, 20, 5, 20, 5, 20, then 6, 20, 6, 20, 6, 20, 6 for 2 minutes, 20 for 2 minutes, 6 for 2 […]

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Positive stress

BLOG February 2012     Hello February. Today is the first day I hit the gym this month. Remember I said that a minimum of 15 days hitting the gym a month is my baseline goal? Yeah, I’m trying to achieve that. So I didn’t stay long today. In fact, I was supposed to meet […]

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¶ Slaves of the dead city, un-locomoted

¶ They purchased gym memberships. ¶ They buff up their muscles, wanting to make it bigger and yet evermore bigger. They are hungry about how they look. crafting their built. Not svelte. They walk with hands moving forward and back, not from side to side, leaving their bellies forward and keep on moving that belly […]

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