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Valentine’s Day 2016: Our first post-marital Valentine’s date at one of his favorite Italian restaurants in Jakarta




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Feasting on toro at Tatemukai

  Finally, I got to try out the cream of the crop in Jakarta’s Japanese dining scene, namely in omakase-style dining. Been walking past Tatemukai’s façade for years and, like most people, initially thought the wooden-decked walls on Grand Indonesia’s Level 3A are purely for decorative purposes. But then a friend filled me in on the restaurant […]

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Gone gaga over garlic

        What makes a fine atmosphere for any restaurant? Fabulous seats, enchanting lighting, and an attentive staff. Mad For Garlic has got it all, complete with their terrific dishes designed to cater garlic aficionados. Actually, it doesn’t matter whether you love garlic or despise it – I can assure that once you […]

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