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37 totally legit reasons why you should take up tennis

  1. Tennis engages you physically as well as both mentally and emotionally – an all-rounder for your health. 2. It helps you stay in shape. And no, round is not a shape. 3. You’re less likely to get sick too, obvs. 4. You’ll burn fat and build muscles simultaneously. #timesaver 5. That said, you become more efficient with your […]

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Guys you’ll meet at the gym


The Hallmark holiday spirit is filling the air, and every girl deserves a date to celebrate the love. But for reasons we’ll get into in a minute, the gym isn’t probably the best place to look for a good catch.



Dating and working out were never on the same page until the day I went on a really bad date with this guy I met at the gym. It was so bad I had to get my brother to come pick me up. Otherwise, there’s no way I could escape him.


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