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If there is one non-Fifty Shades romantic movie you should watch this year, it’s this.

  It’s called Playing it Cool, a Justin Reardon-directed romcom slated to be out the day before Valentine’s Day in the US and God knows when in the rest of the globe. Can’t believe I’ve only discovered the trailer last week, and so many familiar faces in one cut! Imagine … Captain America working under Falcon Chris Evans […]

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Sex and the City: Which girl is the happiest?



Recently, I had an interesting discussion with a friend about the character we liked most on SATC and who ended up the happiest. This is a guy friend who suggested my boyfriend to watch the hit series: “If you want to understand women, go watch Sex And The City.”


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God only knows why



A while ago, I shared with you my recent playlist of timeless songs from the 70s and 80s. This one’s a classic from way back further, and it happens to be Paul McCartney’s favorite1. It’s now modernized, improvised, and targeted to help disabled kids of Children In Need:



  1. BBC: Smashed Hits: God Only Knows []
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Required listening: Great music from before you were born

  I must admit: I haven’t watched MTV in over a decade. I’m serious. I used to be the kid who keeps up with the charts when I was young1, all the way through the time I was studying in Singapore (circa 1994 to 2004). I felt that music has gone stale since the turn of the millennium, and I’m […]

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On the road: An eclectic playlist

  It’s funny how even if you take things one day at time, the clock is ticking faster than ever before. It’s holiday season again here in Indonesia (Ramadan), and most of us are already out of town for a long vacation. Meanwhile, I am just back from a 2-week holiday to China, and will be […]

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