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Thank God for gravity


“Explorer, do you, do you copy? Houston, do you copy? Houston, this is Mission Specialist Ryan Stone. I am off structure and I am drifting. Do you copy? Anyone? Anybody? Do you copy? Please copy. Please.”


Warner Bros. Pictures
Genre: Thriller/Drama
Starring: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney
Release Date: October 4, 2013
MPAA rating: PG-13
Director(s): Alfonso Cuarón
Producer(s): Alfonso Cuarón, Chris DeFaria, David Heyman, Stephen Jones, Nikki Penny, Gabriela Rodriguez
Screenplay: Alfonso Cuarón, Jonás Cuarón

When you were young, were you one of those kids who hated the downward pull of gravity? Because without it, you can fly?

Well, I didn’t exactly hate it, but I often liken the possibilities if it didn’t exist.

My thoughts have orbited to a full circle after I saw Alfonso Cuarón’s record-breaking 3D thriller, Gravity, last weekend, especially when I felt like I really was a weightless observer floating in space, my five senses wholly engrossed in the subliminal 4DX experience at Grand Indonesia’s Blitzmegaplex.

Setting by far the largest October opening in box-office history (of an estimated USD 55.6 million), Cuarón’s super-ambitious, super long-awaited piece (took him almost five years to make, as he told Wired) has been bagging high praises from the world’s most respected film viewers and makers alike.


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Booksmart: Upcoming releases to look forward to this fall


Summer is officially over. As fall looms, my wish list is bombarding me with the season’s most-anticipated literary heavyweights. 


This fall will have you sticking to your reader 24/7 – whether you’re the local bookstore frequenter or the one practically glued to your Kindle.

With the likes of bestselling authors Malcolm Gladwell (“Blink”, “Outliers”, “The Tipping Point”, “What the Dogs Saw”), Elizabeth Gilbert (“Eat, Pray, Love”, “Committed”), Mitch Albom (“Tuesdays with Morrie”, “The Five People You Meet in Heaven”, “The Time Keeper”), and Dave Eggers (“What is the What”, “Zeitoun”, “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius”), I’m filling my nightstand with to-reads that the publishing world has been buzzing about.


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Newsflash: Get ready for Opus Jay 2013 World Tour!

  Oh, gosh. He’s coming. He’s really, really coming. I’ve been waiting too long for this moment. Never in my wildest dreams he would actually come to Jakarta. Gosh.   Mark your calendar: Date: Saturday, October 12, 2013 Venue: Mata Elang International Stadium (MEIS), Ancol Time: 07:00pm – finish   Not only is he coming […]

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A Hotel Transylvania & Life of Pi weekend

Just some musings from a flick-filled weekend… Hotel Transylvania None whatsoever substance or significance worth discussing. Not exactly funny, not exactly original, yet not exactly boring either. Good for filling your spare time. Life of Pi Put simply, the whole plot revolves around an aspiring novelist who approached an Indian immigrant in search for a […]

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My favorite musician of all time.

  I’m a big fan of music. Especially quality music. ’90s music, ’80s music, music that matters, music that lasts. I love pop jazz like John Legend and Michael Buble, smooth jazz like Dave Koz and Incognito, classic jazz like Frank Sinatra and soulful voices like Aretha Franklin. Even Earth, Wind & Fire’s Reason. I […]

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