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5 super cute pig videos to repeat when I’m away … (#5 is deadly)

  Sooo … I’m going to be away honeymooning for the next couple of weeks~ I’ve already scheduled a few posts to be published while I’m away, but just to give you a heads up (and more importantly, cute vids of pigs you just cannot stop putting on repeat), I’m letting you know through this post so […]

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Doraemon: Have you seen his secret gadgets?



Have you been to Doraemon’s Secret Gadgets Expo? I’ve only been there recently, and it’s the perfect time to go.


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The 13 reasons you should get a mini babe

  Seriously – I’d do anything to get one of these. I’d feed it and love it with all my heart:   1. They’re cute.   2. They’re creative.   3. They’re sweet.   4. They’re social.   5. They’re multi-talented.   6. They’re into sports too.   7. They’re really touchy.   8. They’re natural […]

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Tea and pigs surprise

XD In his big bag of surprise, in addition to these fat piggy miniatures, there are boxes of Tieguanyin (a type of Chinese Oolong tea) leaves, Chinese teapot, Chinese snacks and Chinese sweets. He’s only been gone in 4 days, but apparently home is always on his mind …    Other stories you might like:The […]

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Invisible admirer

   Other stories you might like:Unboxing the December 2013 Lolabox, plus overall review of…Guys you’ll meet at the gymDeep cleansing with Kiehl’s rare earth masqueLonging to touch you3-day Bandung trip: My life-turning weekendStocking up my cups of tea againWhat’s your type? I’m an INFJ: Myers-Briggs TypeFoods to help you sleep better tonightAromatherapy: Oil haulMy 2-week […]

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