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Tag: character

The humble authenticity of tea

  For the most part of my life, I’m more of a follower type of person. I am quiet, I don’t like noise, I avoid crowds, and love books. Tea has been my companion the whole time. Then I fell in love with the wrong guy. And a whole series of wrong guys ever since […]

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The word is ‘believe’

  In the beginning, there was the word. Self gives birth to it. From it bears many positive things. The question is, how? The scribe told the self: “write a letter,” and the letter is “I”, a name it calls itself. Thus, a long life line is born. Depending on how you look at it, it’s […]

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POETRY These are the three drafts for the original poetry we have to do for a creative writing class. Enjoy!     ORIGINAL   “Standing Still” My soul gallops roams wild and free. travels places unknown to the world. smells and feels a breath of fresh air dewy green grass the morningafter, soft, tiny buds […]

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