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Get out, get wild, and get to work.


Sometimes I wonder why avid readers like myself love reading so much.

I think it’s a wonderful way to get outside of yourself. It gives you perspective.

Experiencing people’s stories in-depth also keeps the power of your imagination alive. It’s as if the character has invited you over for tea. He or she gives you plenty to imagine, so many fantastical things, even though your real life may not look as fantastic as you thought it would be when you were a kid.

But best of all, I think books are the portal to the kind of change you might’ve been hoping for in your life. Some characters you come across may be more real than the people you know in real life. And they’re telling their story in a way as if the author knows they have to create those characters so they can inspire you to start running after that dream you’ve always wanted to make come true.

As you grow up, these characters make up a collective call for you to dream that dream again, guiding you to the stars, encouraging you get up, and telling you now that it’s time to “book” a better future for yourself …

So get to it.

And that’s me talking to myself right now.

{1 Samuel 30:6}