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What’s not popular: A sense of belonging + a culture of gratitude

  Everyone loves the ESFP gal (what in the world is an ESFP?). She’s the ideal blogger who doesn’t care much about what people think about her rants and raves and controversial views about the most debatable topics. For one thing, these gals have very thick skin, and I cannot imagine how many hate mails they receive on […]

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We fear more than we love. We perfect ourselves more than we project ourselves. We take precautions more than we take action.



We try to build these walls around us because we’re so afraid of rejection. Of mistakes. Of the many possibilities that people will find out that we’re really puny, that we’re not as remarkable as they think.


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Date a girl who …

Ever since a fellow writer referred me to Date A Girl Who Writes, an essay that’s been passed around and about throughout the Web, I’ve also found loads more “Date A Girl Who …” pieces that are worth filing for keepsake. Modern men attend to their women as life partners, deeming them as their equal. It’s awesome, […]

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