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Spring break update in pictures: San Diego Zoo!


Very fun day at the San Diego Zoo. We walked the whole afternoon, from 12pm to about 5pm in the early evening to watch all the animals they have there. 5 hours of walking wasn’t enough too to tour around the whole zoo – there are several areas we haven’t ventured yet. But overall, we’ve seen the majority of animals we wanted to see!

Actually, I think we’ve seen everything we wanted to see. I really wanted to see the tiger, and it was way over at the left corner of the zoo. The tiger has a special canyon of its own. It’s like a mini-jungle for the tiger to move around. However, it has chosen to stay at a very secluded corner in the territory. I’m guessing it doesn’t want the attention it deserves to get, or just avoiding the cold weather. It wasn’t a very cold day in San Diego that day, but it was raining a little.

So we walked a lot and we walked real far. Fun to see how other kindreds like us behave in their natural habitats.

dafuq am i doing here?
dafuq am i doing here again?


San Diego Zoo, CA
Spring 2012

Photography by Stanley Widjaja
(photoshopped by Stacia Priscilla)


At one point, I walked a little to far. I’m usually the one pacing faster than my boyfriend. I generally lose interest more easily than he does too, so I walk away from one area quickly to the next. There was this instance in the zoo when we got lost. I didn’t wait for him to watch from one bird to the other, while he was sitting down, deleting some photos from the camera to save its memory and also so that he can take more pictures. But I didn’t left the area. I was still bird-watching and taking pictures of birds, and when I feel satisfied observing them I went back to the bench area he was sitting at. He wasn’t there.

I walked out to the bird area and didn’t see a hint of his face. So I grabbed my phone and called him. He said he left the bird area because he thought I’ve left him.

He thought I’ve left him. How can I leave him without a good reason? And I’m not speaking just on this context.

He’s my pig, you know. I need to keep feeding him. If I leave him, he’ll starve to death.



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