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Spaghetti Puttanesca alla Indonesia

A little twist

Spaghetti Puttanesca, literally meaning “whore’s style spaghetti” in Italian, is a classic dish invented in the midst of the 20th century in south Italy.

Over the years, variations of it were created across different regions. But what’s consistent in the ingredients maintains the salty, spicy, and tangy taste anyone would find irresistible. These ingredients include anchovies, peppers, and garlics, and a considerable amount of oregano.

Normally seasoned with fresh parsley, I replaced the topping with dried nor and long green onions to taste. I also added generous quantities of capers into the sauce, along with blended tomatoes and black pepper sauce as a mixture to the filling spaghetti, topped with some shredded Parmesan cheese and more pouring of basil-scented extra-virgin olive oil.



Paprika brought out the scent of fresh oregano, blended with red peppers and a whole lot of onions to spice things up a little bit. Without black olives, it has been a challenge to replace the classic taste into an equally delicious meal, but it was worth it – anchovy fillets are nowhere to be found; with the help of ikan pepes fillets, the classic Italian dish became a spicy fusion tailored for any Indonesian’s taste of preference.



Indeed it turned red and hot – a long-time favorite for Indonesians.









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