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Shine mask for mature skin


Sometimes, I think I’m a 23-year-old stuck in a 35-year-old body.

I’m not particularly proud of my skincare routine during my teens, and these days, my stress management skills are beyond poor. The sad fact of life is that every emotion you feel literally shows up on your face.

You might already know that I have an oily/combination skin. But, as I’ve learned from SK-II’s Global Scientific Communications Manager, Mr. Taro Yamaguchi, skin types can actually change as we age. “The natural protective functions of skin cells slowly damage as time goes by,” he told me during my trip to Japan. “So your skin becomes more prone to many, many things, particularly dryness and sun exposure.”

Vast clinical studies conducted by researchers behind the luxury skincare brand confirm that there are specific skin concerns in specific age groups, but I’m afraid skin biology is influenced by many different factors irregardless of your biological age.

During the past few months, I noticed that every time I don’t get my sleep or having some kind of a nervous breakdown, I wake up with a really dry complexion along with the occasional blemishes, which is weird because the bulges don’t appear as much as when my skin is oily. The rough areas get even more sensitive – one touch and the itchy spot becomes red.

I’m so used to blotchiness that barren skin is a foreign concern to me, especially when I’m only 23.


What else besides EVOO would I go to for extra moisture?

Naturally rich in AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids), two fat peas of EVOO restores the skin’s natural protective layers to reveal a softer, healthier glow. Since the biblical days, EVOO has been considered as an excellent anti-aging exfoliant, as it’s packed with antioxidants and penetrates deep to dissolve the unstable bonds of dead skin cells. It does the same magic on my dry hair too.

Added with a little squeeze of lime, which has a higher citric content than a lemon, and the EVOO gets an extra dose of AHAs and its collagen-boosting effects. I’m sure you can already feel the tip of your fingers tighten as you’re squeezing the lime wedge (thanks to the brimming citric acid), but the natural astringent is also great to lighten and even out overall skin tone due to its disinfecting properties.

You’ll be amazed how this soothing and smoothening mask works to clear your zits within two weeks: Whisk 2 teaspoons of EVOO and one teaspoon of fresh lime juice until the mixture turns cloudy. Massage a light amount of the mixture in circular motions all over the face and neck. Most of the time, I leave it overnight to rinse in the next morning, but it works just as fine for a 20-30 minute mask.

A gentle reminder though: This mask is not an one-night highway to a full, supple skin. Much as I’ve learned it the hard way, what you do outside your skincare regimen matters as much, if not more, than the regimen itself. Manage your life to reduce stress levels as much as you can, and don’t forget to guzzle your water throughout the day. Your skin and your brain needs it more as you age.




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