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Shades of grey


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The other day I went to enjoy the sea view from the newly opened waterfront mall, Baywalk. Decided it’s going to be pretty breezy, and I meant it when I said I don’t really accessorize much. Turns out it was really humid (as usual of Jakarta) so the jacket was sweating me. Two hours later and it rained. Le sigh~


♥ off white jacket by Mango
♥ gray stud pocket t-shirt by Something Borrowed
♥ silver mini baroque stretch skirt by Something Borrowed
♥ small Thelma hobo in black by Jimmy Choo
♥ nude pointy toe flats by Charles & Keith


Guess I better re-learn how to ease myself a bit in front of the camera. I slouch a lot you see.

It’s weird that now selfies are all the rage in pop culture, but I’m no longer as comfortable taking pictures of myself as I did in high school.

Oh well. I spruced up my wardrobe now so comfort takes first place. These days I also enjoy emulating Tao‘s subdued style.



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