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SALUNA: Dinner Table

Indeed, her family is very proud of her. But is she?


Saluna is all grown up. She blossomed into a beautiful young lady, an aspiring writer and still an avid reader of both glossy magazines and old-school newspapers alike. She usually reads them by the dinner table.

Food is always there – served chilled.

Most days the father comes home really late, his plate well-kept in the dusty closet.

Most days, the lady in the house takes her bowl out of the kitchen to grab a little food, then go up to the Master’s bedroom, eating the cold food by her dressing table.

Some days, Saluna eats out with her brothers and sisters from other families.

But, on most days, she eats alone, at her own pace, at her own time.

So, she thought that she can become a good cook in hopes that every one in the house would eat together at the same pace, at the same time.

On a piece of paper, she wrote down her idea before it gets away:

Daddy will come home for something fresh from the oven.
Who would want anything cold?

On the next page, she wrote:

Mommy will stay here for anything spicy.
I guess I have to give in to her tastebuds.

Warmth added with spice – perfect. She’s pretty sure her timing and pacing is right.

And so, she did, but it didn’t work out. Cooking, she keeps. Continue, she does. But it’s never the right time for them to come home and stay there. Food is just never enough, she thought.

Indeed, good food, or love, or anything else for that matter, is never enough. Money, on the other hand, is everything.

That’s how it works for any grownup. Without money, she wouldn’t have had all the ingredients needed for warmth and all that spices anyway.

How can I throw all these things away? My family will never be proud of me anymore. 

So, she continues to fill up the dinner table with something everyday, tirelessly, so that at the end of the day, the food on the dinner table no longer tastes empty.







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