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Running Body: Simple circuit to get your blood pumping


Happy Monday everyone :) Looking for a quick pick-me-up?

Thank God I follow motivationwall on Instagram, as they keep posting great stuff that gets my butt up from the seat every single time. I find that this no-equipment, do-anywhere circuit really gets those endorphins out in no time:


If you haven’t already, get familiar with these standard workouts and how to perform them the right way. Personally, I think perfect form is more important than the number of reps. Sometimes I overkill my own spirits when I don’t know when to stop challenging myself, and that’s when I know I’ve started neglecting good form in my performance. Don’t risk yourself to injury and always prioritize your posture.

Here are some great YouTube finds that will guide you through the seven workouts listed above:






Squat jumps


Mountain climbers


High knees




Star jumps


Personally, I hate doing crunches because they’re so hard -_- I mean, I’d rather do other core workouts that doesn’t involve crunches. But my love is a cross between the high knees and the star jumps. The high knees lengthens my weak yet overused hamstrings, while star jumps simply gets anyone who does it into a position where you couldn’t help but smile :)

What about you? Which of these workout is the one you enjoyed the most, and which is the most challenging one for you?




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