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World-class ramen from Hokkaido

Appetizers of gyoza and Japanese-style hardboiled egg: Ho hum starters not exactly worth paying the overpriced fee. As one of the trendiest ramen establishments in town, high cost is the biggest complaint customers make about the restaurant. Nevertheless there are always long lines forming outside this popular eatery. Located in central Jakarta, the prospects of Santouka looks promising. Aside from its worldwide expansion in the last couple of years (locations in countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada and USA), what stood out from Santouka among its competitors is that it provides diners with a fabulous atmosphere. Equipped with sophisticated interiors, diners can better enjoy their experience dining on the classic Japanese street food.
Set menu of chawan mushi, chahan, and shio ramen (with pork): Excellent attention to detail on this set. Most restaurants I’ve been take little to no notice of how their food combination would taste. Marveled for their excellent ramen dishes, Santouka complements its light-tasting shio ramen with a contrast of hard and textured pork fried rice on this particular set menu. Tasters can gobble a combination of soft, chubby meat with a hard, chewy flesh of pork at the same time. Everything blends together while you take light bites of the tender custard egg dish. Sip the aromatic black tea to neutralize your tongue every once in a while, then dig in some more to these delicious mini-dishes.
Ikura-salmon don: Simple and straightforward. Decent dish but slightly bland. I think this palate need just as much thought to its ingredients as the ramen dishes, though presentation is neat.
Miso ramen (with pork): Quality ingredients – fresh cut onions, firm bamboo shoots, and bulky pork flesh that will sure win the hearts of meat lovers. Broth preserves the strong umami taste of pork, even though its consistency is a little bit creamy. Noodles are well-cooked (and this goes for all ramen dishes we tried here), but not as soft to my personal liking. However, I do think Santouka provides a generous serving of flavorings to spice up its noodles compared to that of other restaurants (and this goes to all ramen dishes we tried here), thus the restaurant’s top-notch standard.
Kara miso ramen (with pork): Really flavorful broth – neither too spicy nor salty (though I personally don’t enjoy the bamboo shoots). Other ramen grubs have thicker (therefore heavier) broths, so you can expect a bloated stomach after finishing your palate. Usually that bloating feeling stays for hours! For the ramen dishes served in Santouka, I am giving a two thumbs-up for their focus on fulfilling the customer’s satiety without sacrificing the taste of their food, especially when you can choose your ramen of choice to come in a size small, a medium, or a large bowl. Now that is worth the price.





Hokkaido Ramen Santouka
Plaza Indonesia
Extension, Level 5 #E11
Jl. M. H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta Pusat 10350
(021) 2992 3832










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